Exercise Common Effort 2017 – Quality of interaction assessment in a multinational, multiagency exercise


  1. Thompson, M.M.
  2. Gill, R.
  3. Essens, P.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN)
Opportunities for inclusive, interagency interaction, such as education and training, are considered an important way to ensure better coordination within comprehensive missions. Still, there have been few systematic assessments of such activities. In the current research 41 members of German and Dutch governmental and non-governmental organizations and military provided their expectations concerning the quality of interaction, as well as their experience with members of different organizations during Exercise Common Effort 2017 (EX CE 2017), a 3-day scenario-based interorganizational and multinational exercise focusing on interorganizational interaction processes. Organized by the First German/Netherlands Corps (1GNC) together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, the event reaches out to also include a broad representation of international and non-governmental organizations. Results indicated that all participants expected the quality of interactions between representatives of the different organizations in their theme groups to be very positive prior to the commencement of the exercise, and perceptions remained high at the end of the exercise. Specifically, ratings of information exchange, collaboration, clarity, and conflict resolution increased after the exercise, although the need for information exchange and the extent to which members of other organizations provided valuable information significantly decreased acros

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interagency exercise;comprehensive approach;quality of interaction
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DRDC-RDDC-2017-R154 — Scientific Report
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01 Nov 2017
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