Field Trial Plan – TATD System Trials at CFMETR, October 2016


  1. Mellema, G.R.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Atlantic Research Centre, Halifax NS (CAN)
The Towed Active Torpedo Detection (TATD) system is a high frequency active sonar system comprised of a towed directional source and a towed array receiver, as well as equipment on the towing vessel to operate the source and process the received signals. The purpose of this system is concept evaluation and development for the Torpedo Defence project. The purpose of this field trial is to systematically validate the operation of the TATD system. The trial is to begin with engineering trials of the TOwed MultiChannel Acoustic Transmitter (TOMCAT) and the newly repaired high frequency towed array (HFTA). Having validated these components, the trial will continue with system-level tests to evaluate the performance of TOMCAT and HFTA and their effectiveness in detecting fixed, towed, and autonomous targets. Data from this trial will be used to develop algorithms to manage the transmitted signals, to process the received signals, and to detect and track targets. This trial is to be held at the CFMETR 3D tracking range in October 2016, using one of their ships, either CFAV STIKINE (613) or CFAV SIKANNI (611). Mobile targets will be provided and operated by the range.

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active sonar;HFTA;phased array;sonar;TOMCAT;torpedo;torpedo defence;towed array
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DRDC-RDDC-2017-D149 — Reference Document
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01 Jan 2018
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