Investigation of Gasless Detonation


  1. Lee, J.J.
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Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
This report describes the body of work produced in the Technology Investment Fund (TIF) project titled "Gasless Detonation - A Novel System For Energy Release And Terminal Effects". The main objectives of the project were to establish the properties and explosive performance of a new mode of energy release known as gasless detonation. Theoretical and experimental studies were performed on gasless reactive mixtures to investigate shock-initiated reactions in these systems. Ultimately, gasless detonation was not achieved in this project, however several practical and scientific results were produced as a result of the increased understanding of gasless reactive systems. On the theoretical side, a rigorous assessment of the conditions for gasless detonation and an estimation of its explosive performance was performed. This assessment included the new use of Calculation of Phase Diagrams (CALPHAD) techniques for performing thermo-chemical calculations of detonation properties in low-gas reactive mixtures. On the experimental side, there were many outcomes. The Russian claims of gasless detonation were disproved through attempts to duplicate their experiments. The limits of shock-initiated combustion were found for many gasless reactive systems, as well as their dependence on mixture reactivity and morphology. Mechanisms of reactive wave propagation were elucidated, and a dual propagation mode was observed where a small portion of the mixture reacts rapidly within microseconds, fo

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Gasless Detonation;ntermetallic;Thermite;Nano-thermite
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DRDC-SUFFIELD-TR-2012-142 — Technical Report
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01 Dec 2012
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