AVAST 2009 User’s Guide for the AVAST Autotester


  1. Brennan, D.
  2. Watanabe, R.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);MARTEC Ltd, Halifax NS (CAN)
The AVAST software was developed to predict underwater radiated noise and acoustic target strength of ships and submarines. Over the last several years the AVAST code has undergone significant modifications and upgrades. At this point in the software development cycle, it is necessary for the software to undergo a rigorous series of regression tests to ensure the entire suite of analysis features is still operating properly. A series of benchmark test cases has been developed to validate the AVAST software after any significant modifications are made to the code. To aid in the evaluation of the testing, an autotester was developed to automate the process of running the test models, comparing the new results to the benchmark results, and generating reports. Additional benchmark test cases will be added as the analysis features of the software are upgraded. It is suggested that the AVAST software should be modified to generate standardized output files in Tecplot format. This approach would eliminate the need for codes to translate the data into the format necessary to plot the results for comparison with the benchmark results.

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AVAST;Acoustic Radiation;Target Strength;Benchmark;Test cases
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DRDC-ATLANTIC-CR-2009-112 — Contract Report
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01 Aug 2009
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