Workshop on chemical and biological test and evaluation – Requirements, testing and standardization


  1. Rowsell, S.J.
  2. Fulton, R.E.
  3. Liang, S.H.C.
  4. Bader, D.E.
  5. Dickson, E.F.G.
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Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN);Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston ON (CAN) Calian Technologies and CBRN Protection Group
Discussions with first responders (FRs) and public security stakeholders have indicated a significant gap in test and evaluation information needed to assess operational suitability of chemical and biological defence (CBD) equipment that would enhance FR capability and confidence in their equipment. Currently, Canada has no mechanism through which to certify CBD equipment intended for use by first responders, no formalized testing and evaluation (T&E) capability for such equipment, and generally no associated performance or testing standards, aside from those for personal protective equipment. To enhance the capabilities of first responders, a coordinated CBD T&E initiative that combines capability requirements with standardized testing must be initiated. This workshop assembled key stakeholders within the FR community, standardization and certification specialists, and public security and CBD experts to 1) outline projected CBD response requirements and associated required equipment capabilities; 2) discuss current CBD T&E capabilities; and 3) identify relevant steps needed to improve CBD T&E capability within Canada. The workshop provided a forum whereby each stakeholder community presented their perspective through formal presentation or participation in a series of guided round table discussions. Areas that need to be addressed to improve both CBD T&E capability and FR capability included better access to technical resources, availability of operationally relevant technic

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chemical defence;biological defence;first responder;testing and evaluation
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DRDC-SUFFIELD-TR-2012-163 — Technical Report
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01 Oct 2012
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