Mobile network field experiments – Summer 2017


  1. Willink, T.
  2. Watson, S.
  3. Brown, D.
  4. Salmanian, M.
  5. Song, R.
  6. Li, M.
  7. Drouin, P-L.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Research Centre, Ottawa ON (CAN)
This report describes field experiments undertaken in the summer of 2017 using network and data applications developed under the Tactical Network Operations project. The aims of the activity were to develop a field testing capability and to obtain insight into the performance of wireless networks in static and mobile operation. We completed a number of experiments, building on each other to understand the impact of the physical environment, the network topology and the applications. Preliminary data analysis has shown that path loss, even in relatively ideal unobstructed line-of-sight links, is highly variable over very small distances and across different devices: this impacts the potential for power-based emitter geolocation. Additionally, these experiments have revealed some of the complexities of application data transfer in mobile ad hoc networks, which involve data being relayed through other nodes enroute from source to destination. In particular, we found that the traffic and MAC layer protocol messaging appeared to cause interference and collisions when routed via relays, resulting in unexpected degradations in throughput and packet loss performance. Future work to investigate this further will require more detailed over-the-air observations in addition to logging on the radio nodes. The data collected during these experiments will continue to support the project’s R&D activities, and further experiments will be planned to gain deeper insights and to investigate pe

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Wireless networks;EM cyber
Report Number
DRDC-RDDC-2018-R032 — Scientific Report
Date of publication
01 Apr 2018
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