Survey and Analysis of Operations Research and Analysis Scientists Recruitment and Retention


  1. Scipione, A.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN);International Safety Research Inc, Ottawa ON (CAN)
This document presents the Final Report for Task 48 "Task Survey and Analysis of Operations Research and Analysis Scientists Recruitment and Retention" for Defence Research and Development Canada's (DRDC) Centre for Operational Research and Analysis (CORA). It was developed by ISR and C3 Human Factors Consulting Inc. (C3HF) as part of the larger CORA Task Authorization Contract (Contract #: W7714-156105/001/SV). Within the Public Service of Canada, a demographic transition is occurring as many current Public Servants of the "Baby Boomer" generation are starting to retire from Government service. This has placed a significant priority on the hiring of younger employees. DRDC CORA is developing a program for the Professional Development of New Defence Scientists (DS) in order to expedite their effectiveness as Operational Research and Analysis (OR&A) scientists early in their careers. Therefore, the primary objective of this Task was to review Professional Development programs from similar organizations to identify best practices and lessons learned that should be considered during development of the DRDC CORA Professional Development plan. This information was captured through a survey, one-to-one interviews and a review of formal Professional Development Program documentation. The organization that participated in this project were identified as having a formal intake process for new recruits with similar educational requirements to those accepting positions at DRDC CORA. The

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survey;DRDC CORA;recruitment;professional development;retention
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DRDC-RDDC-2018-C140 — Contract Report
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01 May 2018
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