CFMETR2015 Trial PLAN: Infrared Ship Wakes Signatures Measurement


  1. Issa, V.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Valcartier Research Centre, Quebec QC (CAN)
In a defense context, wake measurement is a capability that, in addition to being indispensable for our infrared wake modeling validation, allows ship vulnerability assessment and studies that can enhance ship positioning and recognition algorithms. Although, ship wakes are complex dynamic disturbance of the sea surface. Unlike the ships, their total length extends up to many kilometers downstream the ship which makes their infrared signature measurements an even more challenging problem than the infrared measurement of the ship platform itself. Furthermore, the Infrared signature of a ship wakes depends on ship design, configuration and operational parameters, climatic and environmental information, time and geographical position and the receiver characteristics and position. Hence, gathering all resources required for infrared wake measurement trial results in an expensive and logistically challenging trial. For each wake component, we have defined the specific measurement requirements. Within the available and affordable resources, we have designed helicopter tracks that allow us to cover, for all wakes sub area, a high and low zenith receiver angles and multiple azimuthal receiver angles. For an optimal use of the helicopter flight time, runs were designed from an ordered sequence of tracks minimizing the helicopter repositioning time, so the start location of each track is the closest location to the end point location of the previous track. Nevertheless, the run design

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Ship wake;white water wake;turbulent wake;Kelvin wake
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DRDC-RDDC-2018-D052 — Reference Document
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01 Jun 2018
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