Family Support in the Canadian Forces – An Overview of Research Conducted Since 1990

  1. Tanner, L.
  2. Coulthard, J.
  3. Fraser, K.
  4. Otis, N.
  5. Sudom, K.
  6. Wang, Z.
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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN)
Family support has been identified by the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) as a priority human resource issues for the Chief of Military Personnel (CMP), with plans for a Canadian Forces (CF) Family Services Summit to be held in May 2008. In support of this initiative, the Director General of Military Personnel Research and Analysis (DGMPRA) was tasked with identifying research that would assist in scoping options for the way ahead in several critical areas - schooling, childcare, spousal employment, healthcare, spousal/family support while military personnel are away, morale and welfare programs (military exchanges, gyms, theatres, etc.), and housing. This paper provides a synopsis of what research has been done since 1990 with regards to these factors. Where possible, research conducted in other militaries has been included, but due to the timeframe of the tasking, extensive searches were not possible. Based upon this review, it was found that although there appears to have been substantial research effort in the area of spousal/family support, other areas have had little research focus. It is therefore recommended that a coherent research program be developed to address the lack of information concerning many of the factors related to military family support. With the CDS making family support a priority, the CF research community must be prepared to aid in the development of new policies and programs, through relevant studies that will benefit this important initiative.
Family Support;Schooling;Childcare;Spousal Employment;Healthcare;Spousal/Family Support While Military Personnel Are Away;Morale and Welfare Programs;Housing
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DRDC-CORA-TN-2008-24 — Technical Note
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01 Aug 2008
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