Organizational trust – An enduring relevance for Defence


  1. Thompson, M.M.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN)
Organizational trust is the degree to which individuals believe that the organization to which they belong can be counted on to provide them with needed resources and/or assistance when it is needed. Civilian research has indicated that employee trust in their organization is related to a variety of individual- and organizational-level outcomes, yet organizational trust has received considerably less attention in the military literature or in defence organizations more generally. The current report begins to address this gap, examining the relevance of the organizational trust construct to defence organizations overall and to the Department of National Defence (DND) specifically. Accordingly, this report reviews literature on organizational trust to: (i) operationally define the construct, (ii) consider the potential impact of violations of organizational trust, (iii) explore potential challenges that might further underscore the importance of the organizational trust construct to Defence, (iv) identify groups within the defence context who would be more “at-risk” with respect to organizational-level trust, (v) apply this literature to several DND strategic-level initiatives, and in light of all of the above, (vi), provide recommendations concerning how research might facilitate or support organizational trust for Defence.

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Organizational Effectiveness
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DRDC-RDDC-2018-R253 — Scientific Report
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01 Nov 2018
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