Preliminary Research Investigation Report – Remediation Cost Factors List


  1. Montuno, D. Y.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Research Centre, Ottawa ON (CAN);Solana Networks - Ottawa, ON (CAN)
Remediation activities occupy a significant amount of time for network defenders. In order to effectively manage those activities, network defenders need tools and methodologies to assist them. One approach that could help network defenders in that effort is to assign cost measures to remediation activities. Determining such a cost measure is not trivial, and researchers have suggested methodologies which require knowledge of the factors that influence the cost of remediation. Unfortunately, there is no exhaustive list of such cost factors. Through a task by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)’s Cyber Decision Making and Response (CDMR) project, this report documents our research efforts in determining an exhaustive list of factors that could influence remediation costs. Our sources of information are publicly available literature as well as our experiential knowledge in cyber security. We further suggest techniques that could be used to aggregate the cost factors into cost measures that could be used by defenders in prioritizing network defence activities. We further propose ways of validating those proposed measures. As recommendations for next steps, we suggest further research be carried out on algorithms that contextually aggregate relevant factors to provide dynamic and missions-relevant cost measures, which are important for applications within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

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Cyber Security;Cyber Decision Making
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DRDC-RDDC-2019-C029 — Contract Report
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01 Feb 2019
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