Estimating the Military Factor Effect – Phase I in the Development of a New Method for Determining Canadian Armed Forces Employment Equity Availability

  1. Wright, J.
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Director General Military Personnel Research & Analysis, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
This report constitutes Phase I of a research project aimed at developing a new Workforce Analysis (WFA) methodology that incorporates the Military Factor Effect (MFE) in the estimation of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Employment Equity (EE) availability. Specifically, this report consists of the application of a number of recommended approaches for estimating the MFE, with the aim of determining the extent to which CAF EE availability estimates for each applicable designated group may be adjusted to reflect the unique nature of military service. Phase I is restricted to military occupations that may be compared to similar occupations in the Canadian labour market; approaches to estimating CAF EE availability among unique military occupations will be examined in Phase II. The analysis of results derived from the approaches applied in this report is corroborated with other research on CAF recruitment of EE groups. Based on this analysis, this report estimates that 75% of the female EE gap, and 50% of the visible minority and Aboriginal Peoples EE gaps, may be attributed to the MFE. Alternatively, this report suggests that the remaining portions of the EE gaps for each of these three designated groups, after the MFE estimates are removed, may be regarded as the extent to which the CAF may improve representation (i.e., a margin of improvement of 25% for women, and 50% for visible minorities and Aboriginal Peoples). The fourth designated group, persons with disabilities, is exclude
Workforce Analysis (WFA) Methodology;Military Factor effect (MFE);Employment Equity (EE);Labour Market Availability (LMA)
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DGMPRA-TR-2013-001 — Technical Report
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01 Jul 2013
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