JENTEK Capability Demo – Summary Report Through Tile NDE COTS Assessments, Contract No. W7707-176009/001/HAL

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Defence Research and Development Canada, Atlantic Research Centre, Halifax NS (CAN);JENTEK Sensors Inc., Marlborough MA (US)
As a component of WBE 4.2.1A (Improved Inspection and Monitoring) of the Naval Platforms Project, test panels representing submarine hull steel, with various seeded features/degradations (corrosion loss, liquid penetration, welds, cracks) under thick dielectric acoustic coating, have been manufactured using non controlled good analogue materials, and subject to various available COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf), NDE (Non Destructive Examination) technologies. In this study, the panels were supplied to JENTEK Inc. a US based company who have developed a gang eddy current array scanner called the MWM-Array for application to steel surface inspection through thick dielectric coatings. Jentek also has some non commercialized water detection capability called a dielectrometry sensor which was to be applied to investigate ability to detect under-tile water leakage. Two panels were scanned using the FA238 MWM-Array sensor, featuring both a near-segment 19-channel array and a far-segment 19-channel array. The data shown is processed with an air + part reference calibration. In summary, the MWM-Array showed sensitivity to corrosion loss, welds, and foreign object debris through the 30 mm thick rubber tiles. In addition to this, the dielectrometry sensor showed the ability to detect moisture through tile-like materials. A follow-on is recommended to adapt the measurement procedure for the defects of interest, enhance performance, and address transition requirements for implementation. F
nde;non-destructive testing/inspection;submarine structure;acoustic tile
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DRDC-RDDC-2019-C030 — Contract Report
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01 Feb 2019
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