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  1. Fung, J.
  2. Penta, S.
  3. Ho, G.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN)
The CP-140 Aurora was modernized under the Aurora Incremental Modernization Project. Under Block III of the program, the aircrafts sensors and data management system were replaced. While the new system vastly improves the Aurora’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, operators are experiencing track management issues related to too much data from sensors, difficulty managing the volume of track data, and interface issues managing tracks. For the Air Reach Human Cognition Program (03CB), WBE 1, Human Factors Engineering Concepts for PMO Aurora, data fusion has been proposed as a potential solution to mitigate the track management issues. However, little research has empirically investigated how operators use fusion for track management. A web-based experimental testbed called Mission Builder, developed by TrackGen Inc., was employed to examine human performance when conducting picture compilation with data fusion. Mission Builder is a client-based application that runs concurrently with ISR-360, TrackGen’s primary simulation software, which acts as a server. Mission development in ISR-360 is not covered in this document. This document describes the researcher’s basic steps to load missions into Mission Builder, to configure the presentation of the experimental trial, to launch an experimental trial and to manipulate the sensors during runtime.

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Data Fusion;Maritime ISR;Maritime SA
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DRDC-RDDC-2018-D093 — Reference Document
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01 May 2018
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