Dwell Time Minimization for Unambiguous Radar Range and Doppler Measurements


  1. Daniel, A.M.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Research Centre, Ottawa ON (CAN)
With the advent of modern phased-array radar systems, the classic problem of disambiguating radar range and velocity measurements can be recast in the context of radar resource management as being a problem about achieving some desired unambiguous range and velocity while using a minimal amount of time. This paper develops a method for unambiguous range and velocity extension that combines features of traditional multiple-pulse-repetition-frequency and waveform-diverse approaches in order to mitigate their respective shortcomings. This scheme is paired with an optimization framework that minimizes the total dwell time subject to constraints fixing minimum detection performance. Analysis of the optimization problem reveals a hidden convexity that forms the basis of a branch-and-bound solution, which is evaluated numerically to generate insight into the relationship between the parameters and performance of the system. Simulation is then used both to validate the scheme generally and to identify some practical shortcomings. Future research directions are identified to mitigate these shortcomings and to make the scheme a plausible candidate for real-time use in a practical radar resource management framework, including the use of more sophisticated waveforms, the development of a real-time solution heuristic, and the incorporation of clutter into the system model.

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Radar Signal processing;Radar Souce management (RSM)
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DRDC-RDDC-2019-R006 — Scientific Report
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01 Jul 2019
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