DyFMCapA: An agile tool and environment for dynamic capacity analysis of defence forces


  1. Ma, F.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN)
This paper describes DyFMCapA, a tool for analyzing a defence force’s capacity to meet time-varying mission demands for various defence assets [or force elements (FElms)]. These de-mands arise from randomly occurring domestic and world situations (or scenarios) that span the spectrum of conflict, and which call for defence force involvement or response. The fluctuating demands are simulated along time in order to generate statistics on how well the demand is met by a nation’s force mix (FM), i.e., its inventory of deployable FElms. These metrics are generated on both a per-FElm and per-scenario basis. The tool is built to systematically compare many what-if situations – variations in: (i) force mix, (ii) scenario requirements, and (iii) the balance of scenarios across the spectrum of conflict. Analytical agility was designed into the tool from its inception. It is exploited in exploratory analy-sis to find metrics for identifying most needed FElms. Analysts can select a subset of scenarios whose demands need to be better fulfilled, and reconcile their rankings of most needed FElms. DyFMCapA can then simulate a series of increments in the quantities of most needed FElms, al-lowing the analyst to choose how best to modify the FM for acceptable scenario fulfillments. The process demonstrated herein can be repeated in an iterative FM design loop until all scenarios are acceptably fulfilled or until further expansion of the FM is implausible.

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force planning;force design;force structure;force mix;strategic force planning;cbp;capability based planning;strategic planning;force development;capacity analysis;dynamic capacity analysis;dynamic force mix capacity analysis
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DRDC-RDDC-2019-R116 — Scientific Report
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01 Jun 2019
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