TAR SANDS DERIVED FUELS TESTS IN AN AIR COOLED HIGH SPEED DIESEL (paper presented at the West Coast International Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Aug 8-11, 1983)

  1. Webster, G.D.
  2. Chiapetta, S.J.
  3. Ho, J.
Corporate Authors
Society of Automotive Engineers Inc, Warrendale PA (US);Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
Three blended fuels with varied levels of tar sands components considered to be representative of future Canadian diesel fuel were tested and compared with a reference fuel in a single cylinder Deutz air-cooled high speed diesel engine. High output tests were performed with 30C and 5C combustion and cooling air temperatures. In addition, a rated output test was performed at the 30C temperature. Engine performance characteristics and combustion parameters were evaluated for all fuels. The effects of the fuels on injection behaviour were also studied. It was found that performance at the test temperatures was acceptable but further evaluation at lower temperatures is required.
Report Number
SAE-TP-831206 — Technical Paper Series
Date of publication
01 Jan 1983
Number of Pages
Reprinted from
Fuel Alternatives for Spark Ignition and Diesel Engines, SP-548, 1983, p 75-84
Hardcopy;Originator's fiche received by DSIS

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