SIREQ TD Reports

The Soldier Information REQuirements Technology Demonstration (SIREQ TD) project set out to define and empirically validate the performance requirements for the future Soldier System by demonstrating capability enhancements in command execution, target acquisition and situational awareness for the individual Canadian dismounted soldier in 2010-2015. The project evolved from the former Integrated Protective Clothing and Equipment Technology Demonstrator (IPCE TD) project that was refocused during 1999/2000 to narrow the scope of work. The output of SIREQ TD will assist the Director of Land Requirements write the Statement of Work for the Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP), the capital acquisition project that is central to Canada's soldier modernization effort.

The Canadian ISSP approach is unique among other nations' Soldier Modernization Programs. In SIREQ TD, the R&D focus was on why technology, rather than what technology, should be used to enhance soldier performance. Instead of focussing on developing an integrated engineering solution, SIREQ TD adopted a strong Human Factors focus that addressed the utility and usability of future capabilities. This unique approach will make the Canadian Forces smart buyers as they apply performance specifications for those technologies that provide revolutionary rather than evolutionary enhancements in capability, and that have a positive effect on mission outcome. The final deliverable of SIREQ TD is not hardware, but the performance parameters for the most useful soldier technologies.

The project spanned a period of five years of active experimentation that involved subject matter expert reviews, laboratory and field studies, and even simulation studies for future technologies and concepts. Over 70 scientific studies were conducted, many using the unique facilities of the McKenna MOUT site at Ft Benning, GA, and the results are captured in the reports listed here.

The following points of contact can provide additional information on SIREQ TD or the ISSP capital project:

SIREQ Project Manager

Dr. John Frim

SIREQ Project Director

Mr. Ben Cantin

SIREQ Scientific Authority

Maj. Linda Bossi

ISSP Project Manager

Col. Jacques Levesque

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